We don’t need an excuse to eat any chocolate but dark chocolate has been proven to have many benefits! Our product of the week is our Dark Chocolate Bar, a smooth dark chocolate that tantalises those taste buds so we thought we would let you know why dark chocolate is super duper for health benefits.
Dark chocolate is packed full of antioxidants, healthy fats and minerals such as potassium, zinc and selenium. It can help lower bad cholesterol (LDL) whilst increasing the levels of good cholesterol and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Dark chocolate is also great for the skin as it contains antioxidants called flavanols and these can protect against sun damage although this doesn’t mean you can give up on using sun cream!

Last but not least it is great for the brain, as we know chocolate produces endorphins which make us happy so with all the other added benefits chomping on a square of dark chocolate a day could help keep the doctor away! You can pick up your own bar bundle full of our different dark chocolate flavours here.