Piccolo Organic Squares Coconut

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Delicious wafers made from a blend of 3 ancient grains, chickpeas and a dash of coconut to help develop tiny taste buds. Perfect for teething babies needing something soft to gum, or hungry ones needing a quick bite in between meals. Our squares are also a great way to introduce finger food to your little one. 

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Rice Flour (65%), Chickpea Flour (10%), Whole Fat Milk Powder (7.5%), Coconut Powder (6%), Buckwheat Flour (5%), Quinoa Flour (5%), Coconut Flavour (1.5%), Thiamin (0.005%)


Energy : 387
Carbohydrates : 76
Fibre : 4.96
Protein : 11.3
Salt : 0.08G
Sugar : 3.4


This product contains milk.


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