Our vision and values

We don’t mess with nature, food or your body. We want to do our part in ensuring sustainability for future generations, and therefore we strive to source foods that are organic and sustainably farmed and sourced. 

We are an innovative, dynamic and socially responsible food company, striving to offer compromise-free products that we share with our own families and that are as close as possible to their natural state, whilst at the same time ensuring convenience and taste.

Our Story

Nowhere is the disconnect between people and planet more evident than in our broken food system. For the vast majority of human history, people lived in rural communities shaped by the natural environment. The ebb and flow of seasons, the right amount of rainfall and its impact on the all-important harvest, dominated lives and livelihoods.


But today, over half the world’s population lives in an urban dwelling and by 2050 this is predicted to increase to 70%. With the rise of sprawling mega cities comes obesity and its related health problems; with a shrinking and aging rural population comes poverty and malnutrition, and in the meantime, the gap between the farm and our forks grows ever wider. The disconnect between what we grow and what we eat has a massive impact on people and the planet’s health.

Research conducted by the British Nutrition Foundation reveals that nearly a third of British primary school children interviewed believed that cheese came from a plant and one in five had never visited a farm. Without any connection to nature, it is not surprising that we reject ‘wonky’ vegetables or throw away perfectly good food that could be made into nutritious meals. While around 800 million people don’t have enough to eat, roughly 1.3 billion tonnes of food is lost or wasted every year.


So, with this all in mind we decided to pair up and start a company that could start making a difference. We know we can’t affect global change of the scale that is needed on our own. If we want to achieve Sustainable Nutrition for all, we need to work with others in the food and related industries – farmers, suppliers and importantly, consumers – to change the relationship between the production and consumption of food. Only by reconnecting the farm to our forks – at every step along the food value chain – will we build a new system that supports the health of future populations and the planet.

Our first step towards this goal was to source healthy, organic and sustainably grown and fairly traded foods. Shuggle Yum was born in October 2017, with the word “Shuggle”’ being used to describe the action, “to snuggle and shake”, and with “Yum” signifying young, fresh, fun and tasty.

Together this symbolizes the shaking up of the food industry while doing it with good, nutritious food that is great for the planet.